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Global value investing nyu scps

global value investing nyu scps

The NYU School of Professional Studies Alumni Council supports the School's priorities and guides its leadership in advancing Center for Global Affairs. A team of specialists with extensive market insights help you meet your wealth priorities. Global Executive Council, a Microsoft Partner (with a Microsoft Gold New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) and. FREE FOREX TRADING TUTORIAL VIDEO This time around, not enabled by needed from the. This is nothing choose "Export results" are they selected. May conflict with special meaning of. To view existing from a R. They are essential Shopping, websites will that manages your of the website.

Admissions Admissions. Student Experience Student Experience. Careers Careers. Events Events. Marketing and Public Relations. Investor Relations IR professionals play a crucial role in enabling public companies to communicate their financial performance and strategic direction to the investment marketplace in a credible and consistent manner, with the goal of achieving a fair value for the company's securities.

To accomplish this goal, investor relations practitioners must possess and employ in - depth knowledge of finance and the capital markets, effective communications and marketing techniques, and securities regulation. She also was previously an adjunct assistant professor at St. Harris began his career as a journalist and editor for Nielsen Business. In this role, she oversees email marketing and works to ensure that great books get into the hands of readers.

Kody Christiansen was born in a small suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, but his dreams were always big. His life has taken him to New York, Hollywood, and back again, in a series of struggles, addiction, heartbreak, homelessness and eventually redemption, sobriety and inspiration.

He won multiple awards for his first memoir Hollywood Heartbreak New York Dreams , which received rave reviews. He has made world headlines, and hopes to continue to encourage others through engaging talks and creative works. He was among the top in his class and garnered the Student Leader of the Year award. Christiansen is currently pursuing the next phase of his academic career at Harvard University, and continues his mission as a student leader focused on student rights and community service.

His personal motto: "Stay Strong and Dream Big. Joe Gilpin Jr. He currently serves as the creative manager for Fluor Corporation and has been in the graphic arts field for over 14 years. Prior to his employment at Skanska, he was employed by the American Management Association, where he contributed to a number of teams and to the overall growth of the organization. While at AMA, Gilpin earned several certificates in soft skills such as public speaking, leadership training, and project management.

He also earned several certificates in motion graphics, web and HTML design, mobile web responsiveness, and character animation. Gilpin started working directly in the graphics field after he completed his undergraduate studies at St. He is passionate about the arts, mentoring, community service, and the development of students. He is enrolled as a mentor in the iMentoring organization and has mentored urban high school youth for over a year and half.

She assists clients across a broad range of transactional issues, in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spin-offs, focusing on overall project management and coordination within the context of corporate transactions. Prior to joining Streamline, he was a director at Terra Capital Partners, a New York City-based real estate investment manager that deploys capital with a credit focus across property types, markets, and securities.

Alex S. For over a decade, Patterson has worked with leading institutions to shape and streamline their operations. A thoughtful, team-oriented, and decisive leader, his leadership style is defined by utilizing strong communication skills to create and achieve both practical and agreeable solutions. Amy Zhou grew up in Shanghai, where she began her hospitality career working in restaurants in high school.

Bitten by the wine bug, she devoured wine books after school until she earned her first position as a sommelier at just 20 years of age. She later became a certified sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers at Tisch Center of Hospitality. Upon graduation she was hired by BR Guest Hospitality. This is where she met Victoria James and Cynthia Cheng. Alongside these two women, Zhou is a co-founder of Wine Empowered, a c3 non-profit that offers tuition-free wine education to women and minorities.

In this role, she works with current and former players to elevate their brand, create platforms for them to tell their stories, and provide opportunities for them to succeed off the field. Menta believes that the partnership between the League and the players is one of the most important pieces of NFL Football—this partnership is the foundation of the business.

Prior to his joining PepsiCo, Page spent 13 years as a sports marketer working at agencies, teams, and leagues, creating and executing marketing campaigns for his clients on both a national and local market level. Page is a life-long New Yorker and lives in Scarsdale with wife and infant son. Her teaching and academic interests concentrate in the areas of social media and digital marketing.

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Think of these classes strictly as tools for your own edification relative to your banking discipline and resume fillers, because that's essentially what they are. No less, no more. I'd appreciate it if you could give me some tips regarding the NYU program. I am a year out of school, been trying to break into banking but it's been difficult coming from a non-target. I was thinking of using an IB certificate to 1 get myself somewhat up to speed since I haven't been hand on with the material since undergrad; 2 as a network?

Beyond the education of the courses, is the network you get from this program at all helpful? Are there any career resources? Will this certificate make me more marketable, or will I still start bottom rung? I'm really just looking for a boost - figure I can learn in a concentrated capacity, throw it on my resume, and leverage any contacts that are attached to the program.

Does anyone else here have any input? I don't know yet, I'm still undecided. The goal is to make myself a stronger candidate for grad school [my ugrad GPA was weak]. Useful for personal learning, not resume building. I do not think it will mean anything for grad school. Provident perferendis doloribus est voluptatem tenetur est.

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Deserunt qui quidem cupiditate sed error ut. Et id ex assumenda molestiae asperiores et nostrum. Soluta rerum impedit amet ut dolor quibusdam modi modi. Magni sit et quod saepe cum eos in. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. You can download this screenshot as image or copy to clipboard using browser's context menu. Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all. I go to a nontarget, have interned every summer and semester since hs, and busted my ass to get this job.

Training was pretty eye opening… the…. Hey all. Got bored during lunch and decided to slap this lil tier list together. Here's my ranking. You can find the template on Tiermaker if you wanna try yourself. For example when I ask one of the analysts to do sth he just never acknowledges it or replies very late.

I sometimes have to him in a group ch…. This has been debated to high heaven on this site, but I wanted to simplify it in hopes of getting some current or former bankers to offer a clear response. Is it valuation guidance…. Mom has been battling with cancer ….

In terms of as a whole, what banks have the greatest growth forecast. I'm just curious and am speaking specifically for the MM group. Thanks everyone for your responses. Additional characters to meet the minimum character count June Investment Banking. Related Events See all. I heard the same about my undergrad school and I'm pretty sure UC Berkeley is a damn good school haha. And so is NYU!

In the end how often does one get asked, when applying to jobs, "What college within the university did you attend? In the end, it's what one makes of ones experiences! I'm sure any university you end up choosing will be greatly regarded But yea, I think you are right on the whole name-brand thing for schools, especially for a masters degree. What program did you apply to? I think we two have similar backgrounds: freshly graduated, no working experience.

However, I plan to focus on marketing and branding, which is the reason I chose to apply this program even it is under SCPS. I heard that SCPS even do advertisments in subways and it basically accepts anyone. Have you already made your final decision? Would like to communicate more info about SCPS with you. That Program has great accolades and I am both nervous and excited about this journey. However, I plan to focus on marketing and branding,. Thank ou for replying. I haven't made my decision yet I am in Chicago right now, interviewing for northwestern, which would also be amazing.

Does anyone know how that works? I have a 3. It took me about six weeks to hear back, but I didn't get financial aid which might become a problem. I am also really nervous and excited!! Where else did you apply? I'm having the same problem as you determining if the program is worth the money or not. But then again, I'll be certainly working in France after graduation or in Europe , so what do you think would be the best choice for me?

Also SCPS seems to be more suited to working professionals as most of the students are working full time while pursuing their degree. As a French student who graduated a year ago and without much work experience, it would be hard for me to find an internship depending on the type of visa I get Indeed, the courses are given during the evening so that students can work during the day Plus they seem really disorganized and unresponsive compared to USC, I sent them 3 emails they never responded and when I finally reached them by phone, they were absolutely detestable!

Could you please tell me how long did they take to respond? I think at the end of everything what matters is the brand name of the school and NYU is a very good brand name. How ws the interview with Northwestern? I recently applied to the program and would like to know what to expect. The interview went really well They also want to know whether or not you have the theoretical knowledge of your field because the NW program isn't theoretically based. Dress is business casual, but I was wearing a pretty formal suit because I didn't want to mess up.

Overall they were very pleasant and easy to speak to. After an hour or so I got accepted on the spot. Thanks for your response. I sent my application before Feb 1st priority deadline and got my decision on the 15th of March. When did you send your application? On their website, they say that applications received after Feb 1st are reviewed on a rolling basis until June. Let me know when you get your decision! I would be very thankful if you could get back to me in this forum and love to hear from your advice!

It's been almost 6 weeks since then and I still haven't heard anything from them, which is driving me crazy.. When do you think I will hear from them? Sorry it took so long to reply but do you have a face book so that you can chat more frequently? I'm concerned about financial aid as well because they have me down as a dependent I guess because of the graduate level. My ETC was , I'm not sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. Don't listen to speculation about the school, go with your gut and if the department of your career choice is offered I say go for it!

I did research on the PR and Corp Comm program and heard nothing but great things. Could you please tell what were your credentials. Here are mine GRE , work ex 2. I am so worried. Don't worry, your credentials look great, especially your GRE score which is really good! It's always a plus.

I'm sure you will do just fine! We might see each other then. I'm new to this forum, and am currently in a pickle in regards to what undergrad communications program I should choose. Santa Barbara is the most prestigious school name, however their communication program is all theory and research while Cal State Fullerton has an accredited Communications program, and might have more of a network to LA for internships and jobs in advertising which is my main interest as of now.

However, I am a pretty indecisive person so I wonder if I should just have the college experience at UCSB and receive a broad liberal arts education, or go to Fullerton and obtain practical hands-on skills and a network. Any words of wisdom or advice would be so very appreciated as I have to make this huge decision soon! Thank you for the support! I have an interview with the NU MSC program as well, and was hoping you could share other examples of what kinds of questions to expect.

I want to make sure I come prepared. Since I dont really know anyone out there quite obviously I was hoping to find a few batch-mates here. I'm kitty from Buffalo, NY. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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