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Skagit casting basics of investing

skagit casting basics of investing

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Skagit casting basics of investing interactive broker forex option skagit casting basics of investing

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The removal of pattern wax from the mould is an important stage in the investment casting process and when performed incorrectly will reduce the batch yield. De-waxing is also one of the main reasons for shell cracking. Shell cracking is the single most common investing casting defect. Fundamentally there are two main methods for de-waxing, flash fire or autoclave steam.

Steam autoclaves are the preferred choice due to their uniform heating which would reduce the stress on the material. The mould is heated 90 o C— o C and held in an inverted position for a few hours about 4 — 12 hours to allow the wax to melt and run out. Pattern wax is usually recovered and recycled. The duration and the temperatures depend on the metal cast material. Most shell failures occur during the dewaxing stage as the waxes used have a greater thermal expansion coefficient than the refractory material.

Hence wax expands more than the investment material and introduces a possible stress fracture on the mould. To reduce this effect the wax can be heated rapidly so the outer wax melts quicker and allow the remaining wax to expand without stressing the mould. Autoclaves shown in figure 10 are also used to heat reduce this effect as the heating cycles can be more uniform and controlled more accurately.

Mould is then pre-heated in preparation for pouring. Preheating allows the metal to stay in the molten state longer so that it can better fill all mould details and increase dimensional accuracy. If the mould is left to cool, any cracks found can be repaired with ceramic slurry or special cement. Mould heating also gives better dimensional control because the mould and the metal can shrink together during cooling.

Molten metal up to o C is poured into the hollow mould and then left to cool. While gravity pouring is the simplest, other methods may be used to ensure complete filling of the mould. When complex, thin sections are involved, mould filling may be assisted by positive air pressure, tilt casting, vacuum casting or centrifugal casting process. After the metal has solidified, techniques such as mechanical chipping, hammering, vibrating, high-pressure water jetting and media blasting are used to break the mould and remove the metal casting.

Then individual castings are cut away and excess metal is removed. The sprue is cut off and in most cases reused. The part is then post-processed as per the final product requirement such as post-machining, heat treating, surface treatments, painting etc.

The investment casting method benefits from additive manufacturing in a variety of ways. The most obvious advantage is that we can do away with moulds, and the method can immediately print patterns with excellent details. When combined, 3D printing , the latest manufacturing technique and investment casting, the oldest metal forming technique, can cut development time and tooling cost during engineering product development.

Skipping the most common approach of making a master pattern, mould and wax patterns, the 8 step investment casting process could be reduced to fewer steps. Hence considerably reducing production time from weeks to days. About us Contact us Disclaimer Privacy policy. Investment Casting.

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In order to cast heavy tips and large flies the fly line itself must have sufficient mass to carry the load so it is easy to understand why the heads of Skagit lines are massive to carry weighty flies and tips and once cast they have enough inertia to travel a long way. Skagit heads are also short and have high floatability. This is because they are extended by adding a tip and because the main floating portion and about half of the sink tip has to be kept out of the water during casting to minimise water drag.

Skagit lines are made either with running line attached or as shooting heads to be attached to shooting line and in any case they are effectively shooting heads. Skagit lines drift more slowly than conventional lines during the swing, an important advantage when the water is cold and slow is best. The short head profile also makes these lines relatively easy with care. This simply means that the fly and leader are relocated for the intended forward direction before the D loop is formed.

Line is arranged on the water and lifted, the D loop is made opposite to the target direction and the cast is completed in a similar style to the Double Spey cast which is one of the most popular Skagit techniques. Skagit casts are not the prettiest, the very heavy, bulky line and the need to lift it from the water causes more disturbance than a Spey line would but they are effective. To make a successful cast with a Skagit line it is necessary to contain at least the entire heavy floating portion and about half of the sink tip in a D loop in the air and tension the remainder of the sinking tip which is submerged so that when the delivery is made all of the line, tip, leader and fly assembly are projected forward without encountering slack.

Skagit casting basics of investing forex martingale advisor

Skagit Casting Tips and Thoughts - Spey Casting Instructions

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