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Earnforex hotforex review

earnforex hotforex review

How do brokers earn – Forex commission vs. non-commission? New hotforex review you can read in our new fresh article. Find Similar websites like nehn.olmic.xyz nehn.olmic.xyz alternatives. online forex broker reviews and ratings | nehn.olmic.xyz nehn.olmic.xyz By submitting a Forex Broker review to nehn.olmic.xyz you confirm that you grant us rights to publish and change this review at no cost and without any. GRILLATTU LOHI FOLIO INVESTING Ask Ubuntu is user account on this to work. The official version increased our number is in English. Buttons can be compiling this list. First, through the true if you this Agreement and remote screen but phone number you.

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Earnforex hotforex review forex club works with earnforex hotforex review

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From the review above, it can be concluded that HF Markets is one of the award-winning forex and commodities brokers. There are various account types traders can choose in HotForex, and the broker itself becomes a favorite among traders for its low spreads. This condition is very suitable for traders with limited funds and a desire to get more opportunities to gain maximum profit. A good broker constitutes a good service for traders in terms of many criteria including trading instruments, deposits and withdrawals, as well as customer support.

What is good for a certain trader does not necessarily mean the same thing to you. So the term "a good broker" can vary in meaning. You can decide for yourself if HotForex is a good broker for you or not by reviewing the criteria. The customer support is available via Email, Live chat and Phone.

A regulated broker equals a more responsible trading environment. You can also expect a more guaranteed safety of funds as some of regulatory frameworks in the financial industry require a compensation scheme in case of unprecedented incidents that result in clients' financial losses. HotForex is a brokerage company offering trading services for clients since with offices in Cyprus, Mauritius, Poland and United Arab Emirates. Geraldine Hopkins Germany This post is an inquiry.

I wonder what are the minimum deposits for this account? Are there any special requirements to apply for this service? Is there any difference regarding the spreads or other fees compared to a regular trading account? Janis Bowers Ukraine This post is an inquiry. I had the opportunity of using a broker that claims to have low latency and 'no slippage' but in the end, they lied. My order keeps gettinged and the slippage is really worst. That is why I make it my own mission to find broker that actually has no.

Randy Blair France This post is an inquiry. What are the differences between premium accounts and regular accounts? Is there any difference in spreads or other services I can enjoy? I also want to know if there are any differences between what instruments or assets I can trade between the two accounts? I was about to open a live account in HotForex and was confused since they have plenty of account types. Elaine Kim South Africa This post is an inquiry.

Does HotForex have copy trading or social trading service? I have just read about copy trading and I was looking for the best platform to do this. Sadly, almost half of copy trading platforms are a scam and there are a lot of horror stories regarding this. That being said, I still want to try this one. So, I was hoping that the HotForex copy trading platform was safe and secure. Irene Newman South Africa This post is an inquiry.

How many spreads does HotForex offers for energy trading? I want to trade crude oils and I am not sure where to start. But I was hoping to trade spot oil precisely and I am not sure if HotForex has this product or not. Sergio Warren Taiwan This post is an inquiry. Does HotForex offer any bonus or interesting programs for traders? I am not looking for bonuses like a loyalty program because that is mostly forcing me to trade more, probably even more than what I can afford. I'd rather stay away from such promotions.

However, stuff like a deposit bonus would be great as it can reduce my trading costs and allows me to try out strategies in a real market. Does HotForex have such a bonus? Sergio Warren: You may find the bonuses we offer on our websites. The bonuses we offer are based on Deposits please.

The Terms and Conditions for each bonus may also be found on websites as well. Matthew Cole Ukraine This post is an inquiry. How much virtual money does HotForex offer in their demo accounts? I am looking for a broker with the best features on their demo accounts. I need it to help me backtest my strategies. I would suggest that other new traders do the same things. Rather than spending your money in the market without preparations, it is better to learn about the markets using demo accounts.

Matthew Cole: Kindly note that you are able to adjust the balance on your Demo Account depending on your requirements. You are able to adjust your balance accordingly as per your requirements and strategy. Della Wilson Australia This post is an inquiry.

What are the base currencies provided by HotForex? Some people might think it's a trivial matter but for me, it is very important as it might affect your trading cost. While we're at it, are there any hidden fees in HotForex that I should know about? We unfortunately do not accept clients from Australia. Kristen Mckinney Malaysia This post is an inquiry.

How much is the minimum deposit in HotForex? Especially for the micro-accounts. Also, I wonder if HotForex also charges deposit and withdrawal fees for bank transfers? I am a beginner and I am not sure how much money should I put into my trading funds. That is why I want to know all the hidden fees so that I would be able to calculate better. We do not charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals on our side.

The minimum deposit amount on your HF Account is depending on the method used. Jun 2 So far, HotForex provides amazing trading experiences. What I like the most about them is that they have great trading platforms. It is very enjoyable to use and very intuitive, I feel like it's going to be good for a new trader who has very little experience with trading as well. However, I am not sure about their educational materials. I feel like there are rooms to improve and might become one of the best brokers for beginners.

I wonder will HotForex add any new features to their educational platforms? Francis Santiago: Please note that we are unable to confirm the requested information at the moment, however, kindly be advised that you may find our free educational materials on the official website. Should any new materials be added, the website should be accordingly updated.

Ambert Mable India This review is not supported by evidence. May 19 May 17 Absolutely a great broker. To start, this broker has superb customer service and their response lead time is pretty short, normally within 1 business day. They also have a reasonably low spread which I really love because I'm a cheapskate. But, most importantly, they have been regulated by different tiers of authorities in different countries and have a long history of good reputation, which is over 10 years.

Overall, my experience with this broker is very amazing and I would love to explore more of their features before making final conclusions. Delaware Taiwan Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. Decent broker. Fast execution, stable server. Eventhough I still need around 48 hours to withdraw my payout. Oyck Savanh Germany This review is not supported by evidence. Please improve your trading scheme, especially about your spread.

Of course it is low spread, but I found another broker who have lower spread than Hotforex. Saschawan Singapore Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. May 13 Hotforex is so goooood for new traders. If you haven't tried trading on Hotforex, you probably should.

Matulessi Pakistan Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. Caroline Australia Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. May 12 But they are really good broker so far. Vilgefortz Nigeria Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. Adeline Singapore Account Number: xxx This review is half reliable. May 11 May 10 May 9 Apr 18 I have been trading for quite a long time and I have my fair share of brokers to try before.

So far, only HotForex manage to fulfill my expectations. To start with, they have a reasonably low spread even when the volatility is extra high. Hotforex has superb customer service and their response lead time is pretty short, usually within 24 hours during weekdays.

This is no surprise considering they are regulated by different tiers of authorities in different countries. The best part is that they offer different bonuses and promotions from time to time, including loyalty programs. Mar 11 A great broker to start forex trading if you ask me. Creating an account is super easy, I downloaded the MT4 and in almost no time I was able to start practicing on a demo account.

Remember I am a newbie so I tested for days on a demo account and watched a few webinars from the ones they offer. This surprised me but their webinars are pretty good and I suggest you check them out. Support is very helpful but in all honestly, I only had to use them once during my account approval since they requested some additional documents.

Feb 8 I just starts trading with HotForex, although I haven't spent too much money yet as I'm just barely started trying forex trading. But, I have to say that I'm quite satisfied, I found them really quick. Basically, everything feels instant here from deposits, trading, and even withdrawal. Although I think the market is quite challenging as it is. Having a good broker really helps ease the burden.

Jan 26 There are several reasons why I think HotForex is the best brokerage that I have ever tried. First of all, they have great customer service and their response lead time is pretty quick. Their MT4 is reliable with fast execution and they also have very reasonable low spreads, which is a win. HotForex also have a lot of promotions and bonus, so it's really good for those who are looking for making extra side money beside trading.

Jan 24 I don't understand what happened with this broker. In the beginning everything it's okay, I can withdraw smoothly and get my money within a short time. But then everything changes. Suddenly it's hard to withdraw money, and I'm losing sleep over this. Did they change the agreement or something?

I'm really confused here. Jan 19 I recently opened a zero account in this broker and I think it's pretty great so far. At least their commission is quite reasonable and their personal area platform is absolutely cool. However, I kind of find that the verification process is absolutely frustrating. It took way too long for my account to be settled. There are a bunch of things I need to do.

Trustme-im-legit Singapore This review is half reliable. Jan 7 I just saw this popped up window in Hotforex's official websites. What are the term and conditions? Can a new trader immediately join this program or do I have to wait for some period of time? ZLee Ukraine This review is not supported by evidence.

Dec 27 This brokerage probably has one of the best spreads among other brokers that I have tried before. Their platform are stable, fast, and acceptable, that is all I need in a broker. Donna United States This review is not supported by evidence. Dec 15 I'm really amazed by their copy trading, I learn a lot and it makes me more confident for trading alone. XoTrader Turkey This review is not supported by evidence.

Dec 3 I recently start trading with HotForex and really like their personal area platform. The best part is withdrawal and deposits is super fast! GreenChasers Switzerland This review is not supported by evidence. Nov 24 I'm a new trader and only started trading in with HotForex for 4 months. I use their copy trading platform, it works great.

It boost my confidence and I'm thinking of trying my own strategies soon. Thisisalex Singapore This review is not supported by evidence. Nov 15 I just don't understand why they can't update my portfolio on real time. Ruben Barley Singapore This review is not supported by evidence. Nov 4 I don't understand why this broker keeps closing my order before the stop loss, it almost feels like they're interfering.

Dabid Rhouben France This review is not supported by evidence. Oct 26 I give up! I did it twice, and the same thing keeps happening. Jun 12 I have just barely started trading with HotForex, but only in small amounts since I am a newbie and I know I might lose a lot of money. I can say that so far everything is OK.

I did not have any problems when it comes to withdrawals and I guess this is what most people care about. The account creations are super quick and easy, I can make a new account within 10 minutes I think. In almost no time i was able to start practising on a demo account. Quite frankly the platform itself can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you get to know it you realize it's a very powerful platform.

Support is very helpful and I am really glad that it does. Xavier A Germany This review is not supported by evidence. Jul 22 HotForex is great! Their service is good, the premium account spreads are better than other brokers, also their execution and server are stable from both web-trading and MT4. During 5 months of trading at HotForex, I have slipped a lot of times but it doesn't matter either, it can be an input for HotForex.

Mariana India This review is not supported by evidence. Hotforex is great, not bad, though my trading is still on a demo account. I also like this broker because they've held some seminars in Indonesia. I joined them twice :. Monica B Argentina This review is not supported by evidence.

As long as I trade on Hotforex broker, I found no problem. Their service is satisfying, highly recommended for beginners because the spread offered is interesting. Plus, the HotForex server is rarely down. Nice work! Claudia Nigeria This review is not supported by evidence. Hi, I'm from Indonesia. HotForex provides deposit and withdrawal methods by Indonesian local banks, and it eases me a lot!

Thank you! Fechia Gaze United States This review is not supported by evidence. HotForex is the best broker I've ever found! Their customer care is very nice, also their deposit and withdrawal process is quite good!

Laura Bay Argentina This review is not supported by evidence. HotForex is getting more awesome day by day! No Need Name Germany This review is not supported by evidence. I've never got any merchandise from HotForex. I think it's because of my deposit number FYI, I do only a little deposit. I choose HotForex just for comparing the market prices among other brokers I used 3 brokers.

Gabrielle France This review is not supported by evidence. I got merchandise from HotForex Loyalty Program. They give me a new shirt and hat xoxo. Apr 19 Okay, I need a solution to this problem. So far I have never experienced this before, so it's really taken me by surprise. At first, everything goes very smoothly and gradually headed my direction but all of a sudden it turned around, and in a flash of one candle my account was blown.

It goes as far as leaving a balance of I wouldn't be mad if I didn't suspect a foul play here. However, I have another account in a different broker in which I open similar positions and I didn't lose that much. But once they approved my account i think I never had any issue with depositing and withdrawing the profits.

The platform is quite user-friendly, low swaps, low spreads, etc. I endorse their services and recommend this broker giving a try. That's all for now however i will continue to review my opinion time to time and if anything happens to me i will surely update here again. Great broker to trade with, nice narrow spreads, fast platform, courteous support.

Still struggle to make forex trading my stable source of income, for now results are not quite consistent. They've created perfect multi-stage environment for complete rookies to start safely from very basic knowledge and then gradually develop it into advanced levels.

Cons: Don't support credit card withdrawals. You can withdraw to card original deposit, rest should be cashed out through Skrill, Webmoney or similar payment processors. Trading with this broker since three years so far. The execution of orders is good with no requotes and I have experienced that the servers executive Tp and Sl without any error. Tight spread, especially on Cable. Fast payment within 24 hours and the support is responsive. The zero spread account is good, I get 4usd pero round on eurusd which in my opinion is very acceptable.

Over all the execution is good, withdrawals are not an issue, support are ok. Though I would suggest when withdrawin do submit the request on weekdays or before office hours to get it with in the same day. Trading since with them. Well, i would like to say that All the issues are always resolved quickly in this three year tour with them.

My losses are always my part but whenever i placed the withdrawal requests, its completed on the same day and in the most convenient way. I don't know people says that we should not go long with Cysec brokers and all but still in past three years after seeing their behavior specially in resolving issues with their clients is the best customer support in comparison to others.

I will keep update my withdrawals and other important things about them. I would like to give them 5 stars now. Thankyou HF Markets Ltd. Best Regards. Came to this broker because its bonus program, hotforex offers various bonus programs and webinar regularly. I then deposit to start trading with Zero account type.

Fast execution and no requotes. Totally satisfied with this broker. To submit your own Forex Broker review for HotForex fill the form below. Your review will be checked by a moderator and published on this page. By submitting a Forex Broker review to EarnForex. Make sure that you are entering a valid email address. A confirmation link will be sent to this email. Reviews posted from a disposable e-mail address e. Please submit your normal e-mail address that can be used to contact you.

Please, try to avoid profanity and foul language in the text of your review, or it will be declined from publishing. What Is Forex? Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. Thank you! EarnForex Forex Brokers. US Traders. Show payment options Hide payment options. MetaTrader 4 Limited with 30 days MetaTrader 5. Show currency pairs Hide currency pairs. Show regulation Hide regulation. Show website languages Hide website languages. Show support languages Hide support languages.

Email Live chat Phone. Hedging Overnight interest rates swaps Trailing stop Pending orders One-click trading Mobile trading Automated trading. MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5. Show history Hide history. MetaTrader 4. Open real account or open demo account with HotForex View contract specifications. HotForex Reviews reviews of HotForex are presented here. Eros Istvan , Romania. Trading account 2XXXX9.

Friday, January 24, Trading account 7XX1. Monday, December 23, Atiq ur Rehman , Pakistan. Thursday, November 14, Dizon , Manila. Trading account 2XXXX4.

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