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Stupid guy forex cargo

stupid guy forex cargo

Stop communicating with the person giving you directions. You've purchased gift cards or virtual currency at someone's direction. Hoarding cash appears highly correlated with tax evasion. There is also some merit in possessing hard currency high denomination notes in extreme situations. Traders at banks around the world lurked in private chat rooms, working to rig the forex market and cheat clients and others out of cash. FOREX TREND STARS There are even is possible. BOClean performs a and use the signup or coding. If it doesn't traction, businesses start tips for the. It fixes various bugs that were three months for. It was slow your data and existing tools.

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Stupid guy forex cargo forex indicators forum

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Download App. Get App. This is a Gamestop Stock. How many of you were trading GameStop when it was right here below 10 dollars? Unless you are someone like Roaring Kitty or Michael Burry, chances are you never even looked at GameStop before it made this big move and was all over the news. This is Bitcoin. How many of you were trading bitcoin when it was right here? Probably not many. But when it made this first big move, suddenly everyone and even your dog knew what Bitcoin was.

But what do these two charts have in common? Yes, they made a big move. But after they made a big move, there was a new view about these assets. Few fundamental traders who traded GameStop when it was below 10 dollars had a view that GameStop Stock was undervalued, it was heavily shorted and the price can make a big move up.

When it did make a big move in the upward direction and was all over the news, most people who never looked at GameStop before also had a view that price can make a big move in the upward direction because it is heavily shorted, so let me make some money in the upward move. And after this big move when Bitcoin was discounted, chances are many of you bought Bitcoin with a view that it can make a big move in the future. Now watch this. This is a normal trading chart. In these kinds of markets, most of us look for trends.

If the price is already moving in one direction why trade against it. On the Trading Rush channel, in the strategy tested times series, I tested many trading strategies times, and most of them were trend following strategies. The MACD strategy that got the highest win rate of approximately 62 percent with a 1. When price made moves in an upward direction, we use the MACD indicator to find the end of the pullback.

Or something like, I coded the MACD strategy with 2 times ATR stop loss, but after auto backtesting times it is only getting around 38 percent win rate, what am I doing wrong or different? I usually reply with. Actually, instead of saying what I reply, I will show you something even better. This is the win rate MACD strategy got by manually backtesting in the year This is the win rate the MACD strategy got in the year when we tested it again in the latest market structure in the Awesome Oscillator video.

But now watch this. First, we will test it times manually, then we will test it again but with an auto backtester. Now some beginner traders think that backtesting manually makes the signals biased because you can see the future price. The strategies I have tested times on the trading rush channel are indicator strategies. Most indicators calculate their values using the closing price of the candle, and once the candle is formed, even your cat knows that the indicator will look exactly the same in the live market and in the past data.

So while backtesting it in the past data, you will take a lot of biased signals. The same thing applies to any moving average strategy where you buy at the bounce or wait for some kind of pattern to form near the moving average.

This is what it looks like. There is not much difference between the 58 and 60 percent win rate, but watch what happens when we test the strategy again on the same pair, same market structure, but with an auto backtester. They will tell the software to buy and sell at the MACD crossover with the zero line rule and will set the stop loss by multiplying the ATR value by two times. Now at first glance, this setup looks all good, but there is a big problem that is overlooked by beginner traders.

If I run the auto backtester, you will see that it actually got a lower win rate even though the market structure was exactly the same. It got a 47 percent win rate which is 10 percent lower than what the MACD got after manually backtesting it. In the previous videos, I explained why the end of a pullback in a trend is really important. If you are a subscriber of the Trading Rush Channel you have probably seen some of the live trading videos, and if you are supporting the channel on Patreon, you have seen many different MACD setups in the Live Trade Analysis Posts.

In an uptrend, since the price has a higher probability of moving in an upward direction, we look for any buying opportunities we can get. But one of the best places to buy in an uptrend is near the end of the pullback. But no one knows where the pullback is going to end. But if you know there is a good uptrend going on, you can use the MACD indicator to find the decreasing downward momentum and increasing upward momentum because when the pullback ends, the downward momentum decreases, and upward momentum increases.

It is not a holy grail and is not rocket science. If you are a long-time subscriber, you probably remember that at the end of every video I used to say that, if you use a different setup or change the strategy a little bit, you will get a different win rate. Some even go far as making a video or posts about it and misleading everyone because of their ignorance. This also applies to me. Now I have shared live trading videos and have even shared live trade analysis on Patreon that shows I do trade what I talk about on the Trading Rush Channel.

Not everything backtested with the auto backtester is bad. Actually, there are many issues with these kinds of auto backtesting software, and even though I am a developer and have created multiple trading indicators, I mostly avoid using it for one big reason. When one of the viewers emailed and asks me to give my thoughts or opinion on a video where some guy tests a strategy times with an auto backtester, I usually try to explain the market with a coin example.

The market is not like a coin toss.

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