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Pdex forex summary of the odyssey

pdex forex summary of the odyssey

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These programs are offered by our community partners and this catalog lists programs by each community partner. We also posted these opportunities on this website , where you can search listings by school and subject. This year our summer programs are set to begin as early as June Earlier this year, the PPS School Board unanimously adopted one of the most aggressive school district climate crisis response policies in the nation.

As images have emerged of the 19 fourth-grade students and their teachers killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, they break my heart. As a parent and educator, hearing of this latest tragedy brings up heavy emotions for me. I share the grief and anger at the death of innocent children and selfless educators. Independence Day, 4th of July. Main Contacts. Principal Dr.

Cindi Swingen cswingen pps. School Counselor Lizzie O'Leary loleary pps. School Psychologist Amy Henning ahenning pps. School Nurse Trudy Davis tdavis mesd. Health Assistant Stephanie Brown sbrown mesd. Principal's Secretary Suzanne Gleeson sgleeson pps. School Secretary Donna Sanders dsanders pps.

If your child will be absent from school, please call the attendance hotline: Get text alerts about school closures, delays, emergencies and school events: Text YES to PPS Text Alerts. Forest Park is part of the Lincoln Cluster. Link to Public Health Posting. Skip to Main Content.

District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Enroll Calendar Contact Food Menus. Forest Park Sharing our world. Exploring our futures. Imagining our possibilities P value was calculated using Chi-square test. The reduced pH correlated with an increase in lactate in the culture medium and dependence on glutamine for survival Fig.

To provide additional data on the metabolic reprogramming induced by MYCN in ATRX -deficient cells, we performed a more-comprehensive metabolomic profiling of 54 metabolites using 13 C-labeled glucose and 13 C-labeled glutamine Fig. Glucose was the major source of lactate; relatively few of the carbons from glucose were used for the TCA cycle Fig. Glutamine is also an important mitochondrial substrate; cells must precisely balance the expression and activity of proteins encoded by the nucleus with those encoded by the mitochondria to maintain homeostasis Cells also upregulate pathways required to mitigate the ROS that are a natural byproduct of mitochondrial metabolism to prevent excessive protein or DNA damage.

For example, glutamine uptake in cancer cells can elevate glutathione levels because glutamine is converted to the glutathione precursor, glutamate Cell lines that were sensitive to glutamine depletion in the medium also had significantly elevated levels of glutathione Supplementary Fig.

The mitochondrial dysfunction described above may lead to the accumulation of ROS and in turn contribute to replicative stress through DNA damage. P value was calculated using two-tailed Student t test. The experiment was repeated with the same results. Chromosomes are shown adjacent to the pseudo-colored representation. Arrows indicate translocations. The number of analyzed cells are presented on the graph. The gene expression FPKM is indicated, and the dashed line indicates the start of transcription.

DOX doxycycline, RA retinoic acid, ROS reactive-oxygen species, m marker chromosome fragments that could not be definitively identified. Cells with DNA-replicative stress are sensitive to hydroxyurea To identify other pathways that may modulate to MYCN-induced cell death in ATRX -deficient cells, we performed a dose—response screen using two drug libraries. The first was a collection of oncology drugs and compounds in late clinical development Phase II or later.

The bexarotene result was particularly interesting because retinoids are an effective treatment for neuroblastoma i. These results were independently validated using retinoic acid Fig. We identified one gene that met those criteria. CUX2 encodes a homeodomain protein with three CUT repeats that is expressed in the developing nervous system and important for the repair of oxidative DNA damage ATRX has an important role in H3. This is important because G4 structures can inhibit DNA replication and transcription 33 , G4 structures often overlap with noncanonical DNA:RNA hybrids called R-loops because both structures are favored in G-rich regions of the genome under negative torsional tension e.

In cancer cells, R-loops can contribute to DNA breaks and genome instability 37 , To determine whether the pattern of H3. As expected, there were fewer H3. For every H3. The constitutive C group includes H3. The enriched E group includes H3. The depleted D group includes H3. The D group was the largest Fig. The majority of H3.

There was overlap between H3. We performed pathway analysis on the genes that had promoters or enhancers that were depleted for H3. The most significant pathways were involved in neuronal differentiation and neural development Supplementary Data DUSP26 is a phosphatase that is expressed in neuroendocrine cells and can inhibit neuronal differentiation 46 , It has also been shown to dephosphorylate and inhibit p53 in neuroblastoma cells We performed the same H3.

Taken together, our data show that there is marked reorganization of the chromatin landscape in ATRX -mutant NB beyond telomeres and centromeres. The H3. Separate pie charts are shown for those that overlap with G4 sequences and those that lack G4 sequences. Mutually exclusive mutation profiles are not uncommon in cancer cells; however, many are thought to result from targeting the same oncogenic pathway For example, inactivation of the RB1 tumor-suppressor gene is often exclusive of amplification of genes encoding cyclins e.

Examples of synthetic lethality caused by oncogene activation and tumor-suppressor mutation are much less common, and few if any have been validated in vivo. Here, we show that amplification of the MYCN oncogene and inactivation of the ATRX tumor-suppressor gene are mutually exclusive in neuroblastomas from patients of all ages and stages of disease.

One discrepant tumor sample may have contained two separate clones, but more-detailed analysis was not possible owing to limited tissue. Consistent with this model, the synthetic lethality was partially rescued by genes that reduce oxidative stress CUX2 and pharmacological agents that induce differentiation retinoic acid or reduce ROS levels N -acetyl cysteine.

Similarly, pharmacological agents that induced replicative stress through DNA damage exacerbated the synthetic lethality. Third, ATRX mutations in neuroblastomas are often in-frame deletions that remove approximately half of the amino terminus of the protein. In other cancers, the mutations are indels or nonsense mutations In the original study describing ATRX mutations in neuroblastoma 3 , 16 , there was no difference in outcome or clinical presentation for patients with in-frame deletions versus missense or nonsense mutations.

However, that cohort was relatively small and a much larger study of ATRX -mutant neuroblastomas would be required to determine if there is any genotype—phenotype correlation for the type of ATRX mutation. Previous studies suggest that amino acids 1— of ATRX are sufficient for localization to heterochromatin Therefore, in neuroblastomas with in-frame deletions, we propose that they lack the heterochromatin-binding domain and have defects in H3.

Our data also suggest that there are defects in H3. Indeed, one of the major pathways that was deregulated is involved in retinoic acid response. This is important because retinoic acid induces differentiation of NB cells and is part of the treatment regimen for NB patients.

It is possible that there may be a block in retinoic acid response in ATRX -mutant NB cells and this may contribute to the poor outcome for those patients. Based on our data, we propose that ATRX mutation contributes to tumorigenesis in two ways.

First, defects in H3. As a result, gene expression is attenuated and ATRX -mutant neuroblastoma cells continue to proliferate. We propose that both mechanisms ALT and G4 resolution are essential for tumorigenesis and that is why we did not detect any DAXX mutations in our cohort. Although the inability of ATRX -mutant neuroblastoma cells to resolve G4 structures promotes tumorigenesis by preventing differentiation, it also causes DNA-replicative stress and slows tumor growth.

R-loops can lead to collapse of the DNA replication fork and replicative stress 52 , This may be why ATRX -mutant neuroblastomas are slow growing and indolent. To achieve this ambitious goal in high-risk neuroblastoma, much will need to be learned about the downstream targets of ATRX and MYCN that contribute to this phenotype.

All uncropped gels and blots are shown in Supplementary Fig. Flow cytometric analysis gating information is shown in Supplementary Fig. Patients were eligible for inclusion in the analytic cohort if they enrolled in the COG Neuroblastoma Biology study ANBL00B1 before treatment; had a confirmed diagnosis of neuroblastoma; and had reported outcome data. Detailed description of the statistical analysis is provided in the supplemental information.

The cohort used in this analysis consists of neuroblastoma patients of which had clinical data and had outcome data available representing a mixture of risk levels, disease stages, and ages at diagnosis. EFS and OS were compared between patients with vs. A forward-selection process was used to construct parsimonious Cox models.

Variables were entered into the model one at a time, with the variable chosen for entry being the one that is most significant at each step, per a Wald test. If at any point in the process histology was chosen to enter the model, then MKI, grade, and age at diagnosis were no longer considered for entry, as histology is confounded with these variables. Conversely, if at any point MKI, grade, or age at diagnosis entered the model, then histology was no longer considered for entry.

The selection process ended when all remaining candidate variables failed to reach significance at the 0. EFS time was measured as the number of days from diagnosis to date of relapse, disease progression, secondary malignancy, death, or, if no event occurred, date of last contact. OS time was measured as the number of days from diagnosis to date of death, or, if the patient did not die, date of last contact.

There were some discrepancies between the two, particularly in one patient with an ATRX mutation an aberration which previous research suggests is mutually exclusive from MYCN amplification , whom the six neuroblastoma reference lab determined to have MYCN amplification, whereas St. Jude detected no amplification. Owing to these discrepancies, both sets of MYCN amplification data were considered individually in this analysis.

Nor was outcome compared in the 18 mo—5yrs old at diagnosis subgroup, as only one patient in that subgroup had an ATRX mutation. The median follow-up time for patients who did not have an event was 3. The median follow-up time for patients who did not die was also 3.

The effect of ATRX mutations on outcome was also tested among patients with INSS stage 4 disease who were at or above 5 years of age at the time of diagnosis. A notable difference between this subgroup and the subgroups in which significant associations between outcome and ATRX mutation were observed, was the number of patients with high-risk disease; the subgroup of older INSS stage 4 patients was entirely high risk, whereas the other subgroups included a mixture of risk levels.

This prompted us to perform a subgroup analysis based on risk group high vs. The differential effect of ATRX mutations between high- and non-high-risk disease groups was also detected in the Cox model of EFS that included an interaction term for mutation and risk level. Adrenals and paravertebral sympathetic ganglia from Atrx flox - LSL-MYCN:Dbh-iCre mice at the age of three weeks and 1 year by hematoxylin and eosin HE staining and immunohistochemical staining for Ki, cleaved caspase 3, tyrosine hydroxylase, and synaptophysin.

Stained sections were examined by a pathologist blinded to the experimental group assignments. Mouse studies were performed in a strict accordance with the recommendations in the Guide to Care and Use of Laboratory Animals of the National Institutes of Health.

All efforts were made to minimize suffering. Animals were housed on a 12—12 light cycle light on , off and provided food and water ad libitum. The cells were injected in the para-adrenal region of the mice with ultrasound guidance under anesthesia. These mice express MYCN from the Rosa26 locus when a stop sequence is floxed out by Cre recombinase under the control of Dbh promoter in sympathetic ganglion cells. Mice were genotyped using the published protocols 8 , 17 , Mice with the desired genotypes were enrolled in the study at the time of weaning and were followed up by abdominal palpation at least once every 2 weeks starting from age of 6 weeks Table 2.

Enrolled mice that died with no detectable tumors were censored out of the survival study. After euthanasia, mice were opened longitudinally to expose abdomen, thorax, and neck to search for tumors. Tumors were dissected out and were cut into pieces for histological, immunohistochemical, DNA, RNA, and protein preparations.

DNA from the tumors and matching germline samples was sequenced and analyzed as described previously In brief, cells were bound to concanavalin A-coated magnetic beads Bangs Laboratories , permeabilized with digitonin and then incubated with primary antibody against H3. Cells were arrayed on a well plate and the rest of the reaction was carried out on a Beckman Biomek FX, including digestion with proteinA-MNase, ligation of adapters and library preparation.

Size distributions of prepared libraries were assessed using an Agilent TapeStation. To find differential binding sites for H3. Then for each of the three groups, we compiled the reproducible peak set that required a high confidence peak also overlap a low confidence peak from the other samples within the sample group.

At last, we performed statically tests using Voom To check their overlapping with G4 motifs and R-Loops, we downloaded G4 Motifs from supplementary data of ref. The minimum methylation difference is 0. Antibodies used in this study to generate ChromMM were previously validated and the validation data and protocols are available through St. This antibody was validated by small-scale and large-scale sequencing by active motif as well as by us in St.

Cross-linking was stopped by adding glycine to a final concentration of 1. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction qPCR was done to assess the efficiency of ChIP reactions as described in the validation protocols. Fifty-cycle single-end sequencing was performed on an Illumlina HiSeq ChIP-Seq analysis was done as described previously We calculated relative strand correlation value RSC and estimated the fragment size under support of R version 2.

All samples were manually inspected and the SPP version 1. Then we generated bigwig files from the best fragment size the smallest fragment size estimated by SPP. Bigwig files were examined using IGV genome browser for clear peaks and low background noise. MACS2 version 2. Enrichr 66 were used for pathway analysis. Super-enhancers and core regulator circuit analysis have been performed as described previously We provided two sets of results that one only used H3K27ac data, while the other one excluded H3K27ac peaks overlapping promoter defined by H3K4me3 peaks before calling super-enhancer by ROSE.

ChromHMM models were generated for y as described before To choose the state number, we first modeled all samples together from seven states to 33 states and selected the model with 18 states upon manual inspection. For better visualization of the dynamics of HMM state across stages, we normalized color intensity by the maximum total percentage of a state covering a gene and flanking region. We reduced the interval for an HMM state to half bar and the intensity to half the normalized amount if it did not rank in the top two HMM state for a gene.

As HMM states could be assigned by multiple genes, the maximum total percentage across genes was used for normalization. We applied the Hidden Markov Model trained for 18 states from previously four types of solid tumors to the data from this manuscript. Membranes were washed three times in PBS with 0. After a 5-hour colcemid incubation, cells from both samples were harvested using routine cytogenetic methods.

DAKO protocols were followed for the pre-treatment and hybridization steps. The slides were then stained with DAPI. A fixed exposure time is used for all cells. Telomere qPCR was done as described previously Cheung et al. Two sets of primer pairs were used in separate reactions were used to amplify the telomeric sequence and a common locus RPLP0, which was used as an internal control.

The reactions were done in duplicates and the average delta C t was calculated for every sample by subtracting the average C t values of the telomeric reaction from those of the internal control reactions. The primers used are. Lentiviruses were made in HEKT cells by co-transfecting the viral vectors with three packaging plasmids.

In addition, two non-silencing shRNA lentiviral particles were used as controls Cat. Cells were trypsinized and harvested, pelleted and suspended in 1-ml propidium iodide solution 0. P , 0. The cells were then treated with ml 0. Fresh medium was added every 4 days. The sequences of gRNAs are:. The doxycycline-treated and untreated samples were loaded onto two different wells on the same slide. Mann—Whitney non-parametric statistical test was used to compare the scores in the samples with or without doxycycline.

Fifty metaphase cells from every sample were scored for the presence of DNA fragmentations. Statistical analysis was done using Fischer exact test. The cells were seeded in well plates at a density of cells per well over night. At day 4, the cell viability was assessed using the CellTitre-Glo cell viability assay kit Promega, Cat.

We confirmed the sequence of the construct by sanger sequencing. Selection for the cells containing the construct was done using puromycin and the cells were maintained in puromycin-containing media. The cells were plated in six-well plates at a density of 50, cells per well over night. Three wells from each of the cell lines were harvested every day and counted for the total number of cells per well using a hemocytometer.

Images were acquired and processed using NIS Elements software. In this experiment, we used NOD. The mice were followed up for the tumor formation using ultrasound scanning every 2 weeks, xenogen signal every week and palpation every week. The analytical procedure applied was based on the one previously published Next, cells were trypsinized, washed with ice-cold saline solution, snap-frozen, and stored in liquid nitrogen for further processing.

We also sent snap-freezed medium from the same samples for metabolomic analysis. Data processing and analysis were done by Human Metabolome Technologies. In brief, MasterHands ver. Relative peak area was calculated as:. Absolute quantification was performed in total amount of each detected metabolite.

Fluorescent intensity was measured in at least 20, cells as suggested by the manufacturer. The comparison between the fluorescence intensity in cells with or without doxycycline was done using the two-tailed t t est.

Next, cells were plated onto well plate using several strategies to verify experimental outcome. All plating approaches yielded consistently very similar results. The samples were fixed with 2. Semithin sections 0. Cells were harvested and incubated on poly- l -lysin-treated Sigma, Cat. For DCFDA cellular ROS detection assay kit, cells were plated overnight in well plates 25, cells per well in their complete medium with or without doxycycline. For CellRox Green, cells grow in cm plates.

The cells were plated in well plates overnight at a density of cells per well in their complete medium with or without doxycycline. Twenty-four hours after plating, medium was changed with or without doxycycline. Medium was changed after that with or without doxycycline every 2 or 4 days. Cell density of cells per well and medium change once every 4 days was determined to have good signal to noise separation while maintaining logarithmic growth in both induced and un-induced cells.

We tested different dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO concentrations for the selected cell density and confirmed minimal cell death with up to 0. Positive control compound selection was performed with eight positive control compound candidates doxorubicin HLC, staurosporine, etoposide, SN, bortezomib, cyclohexamide, panobinostat, and TAKA arrayed in single-point concentration and dilution series. Based on successful cell killing Staurosporine was chosen as positive control for cell screenings.

Assay validation in well plates was performed with staurosporine. A schematic representation of the dose—response curve experiment is illustrated Supplementary Data Two days after MYCN induction, medium was changed again with fresh medium with or without doxycycline and cells were drugged with the compound plates and a positive control plates using a Biomek FX Beckman Coulter liquid handler equipped with a pin tool.

After 3 days of drugging, half of the plates were read. On day 4 post drugging, medium was changed with fresh medium again with or without doxycycline and fresh drugs were added to the medium using the Biomek FX. After 4 days of the second drugging, the other half of the plates were read.

The positive control plate was empty from columns 1—10; in columns 11—12, it contained DMSO and the positive control. Two biological replicates were performed for each 8 days experiment, with three technical replicates per biological replicate. Normalization, fitting, and visualization of dose—response experiments were performed using custom code written in the R programing language version 3.

R: A language and environment for statistical computing. Dose—response curve data analysis for cytotoxic compounds was done as previously described before In order to detect drugs that reduced MYCN-induced cell death, traditional dose—response analysis was not appropriate because protective drugs would often protect at low concentrations, but eventually induce cytotoxicity at high concentration.

To detect a protective effect, we needed to quantify the increase in CTG signal at low concentration before any decrease in signal at high concentration. To do so, the CTG RLUs from all wells were first log2 transformed for each plate, the value for each well was then normalized by subtracting out the mean log2 RLU for negative control wells. The normalized activity of each compound was then fit as a function of the log10 drug concentration using a smooth spline smooth.

Higher values for this AUC metric indicate greater protection against loss of cell viability as measured by the CTG assay. We have made every effort to ensure reproducibility of our data by, when possible, repeating the experiments using independent samples, including positive and negative controls and using multiple approaches to confirm our observations.

We stated the sample number for each experiment and how many times each experiment was repeated in the figure legends. However, the following experiments were done once:. This sample was carefully studied as described in the results section. Supplementary Fig. This experiment was done once.

However, this experiment is another evidence for the increase in replicative stress when ATRX is inactivated and MYCN is ectopically expressed in different cells as shown in Fig. Further information on research design is available in the Nature Research Reporting Summary linked to this article. Most of this research was supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Preclinical studies were performed with assistance from the Animal Imaging Shared Resource; electron microscopy was performed with assistance from the Cell and Tissue Imaging Shared Resource; histopathologic analysis was performed with assistance from the Veterinary Pathology Shared Resource all of St. Source Data 2. Peer review information Nature Communications thanks Jason Locasale and the other, anonymous, reviewer s for their contribution to the peer review of this work.

Peer reviewer reports are available. Supplementary information is available for this paper at Nat Commun. Published online Feb Hogarty , 7 Marcin M. Sarthy , 13 Michael P. Meers , 13 Rani E. George , 14 Elaine R.

Mardis , 15 Richard K. Wilson , 15 Steven Henikoff , 13, 16 James R. Downing , 11 and Michael A. Dyer 1, 4, 16, Sara Federico 2 Department of Oncology, St. Elizabeth Stewart 2 Department of Oncology, St. Jianrong Wu 5 Department of Biostatistics, St. Michael D. Marcin M. Shondra M. Alberto Pappo 2 Department of Oncology, St. Michael R.

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Euro zloty forex Welcome to Lincoln High School! As images have emerged of the 19 fourth-grade students and their teachers killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, they break my heart. Our students are actively involved inquirers who think critically about the world in which they live. Only those tumors with a mutation in at least one of the three genes are indicated. For each of these models, tumor formation was reduced, and survival was significantly increased when Atrx was simultaneously inactivated with elevated MYCN expression Fig.

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