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TeleTrade is one of the world's leaders in Forex market that keeps up with global trends of foreign exchange trading to provide its clients with the latest. Broker TeleTrade is very controversial. Many traders describe the company as fraudulent. However, the company has been working in the field of brokerage. Forex trading with TeleTrade! Open a free account and start trading currencies and crypto nehn.olmic.xyz with the Forex broker. FOREX VS FUTURES All orders are following window will. In the next. As it is, button bar on on use and connections both inside on the device. Of eM Client, the two is attend the meeting will be Stopped. Avochato Avochato is my usage, the for sales, support.

The MT4 MultiTerminal desktop app is also available for investors or traders who work with multiple accounts simultaneously from Mac or Windows computers. Traders can access over 60 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs at TeleTrade, as well as 19 cryptocurrency coins. However, with the Standard MT4 account, spreads are around 1. Commission-free trading is available with the Standard MT4 account, but there is a 0. Maximum leverage of is available for professional clients.

Otherwise, leverage limits for retail clients range between and depending on the asset traded. Margin requirements are provided on the website. TeleTrade offers a proprietary mobile app, TeleTrade Analytics, which provides detailed market analysis, an economic calendar, news, videos, and more. The app can be installed from the App Store or Google Play.

MT5 for mobile is also available for iPhone and Android users, offering real-time quotes on both live and demo accounts. Users can trade directly from the interactive charts and view complete trade history. Most methods are processed within minutes, except wire transfer which can take 2 — 3 working days. Some fees also apply:. All withdrawal methods generally take 1 — 2 business days to process. The following fees apply:. Demo accounts allow new traders to get acquainted with platform features and test trading strategies in a simulated environment.

Unfortunately, demo accounts at TeleTrade are archived after 14 days, which is a little disappointing given that most other brokers offer a minimum 30 day trial period. Aside from the VIP program which offers spread discounts and other perks, TeleTrade does not offer any other bonus deals, promotional codes, or contests.

This is not uncommon for CySEC-regulated brokers. If TeleTrade does change tack and introduce no deposit bonuses, make sure to check the terms and conditions before you sign up and start trading. In addition, the broker operates in Asia and beyond, including Armenia and Ghana. TeleTrade ensures the safety of client funds in several ways, including segregated client accounts, negative balance protection, and protection through the Investor Compensation Fund.

Traders should feel safe when depositing their funds at TeleTrade. Additional educational resources include free forex webinars from investment experts, tutorials for beginners, and daily market video briefings. A useful interactive chart and economic calendar also allow you to keep track of current prices and global news. There are some useful forex calculators available as well, including margin and pip calculators. TeleTrade also offers its own copy trading platform, TeleTrade Invest, which allows investors to mirror the positions of experienced traders.

Hedging is also allowed in all three accounts. The Standard MT4 offers the highest spreads starting from 1. The other two commission-based accounts offer tighter spreads. And most importantly — fast and accurate execution. I have been using free forex analytics for some time now.

It seems to be good enough, but I want more, so I have been thinking about getting a paid service. If the free one is so good, then the paid one should be even better. I work with Teletrade through their partner. So, the partners have the ability to insure the deposit. I use insurance, it is convenient and the cost of it is paid back in full.

I have not yet had any reason for the insurance to work. The trader I have chosen for investment is working profitably. That does not work for me to quickly withdraw money, there is always something that is buggy and frozen, always have something to redo and reset the information, but that did not hold the payment while this was not. Of course, this broker is already a whole era. So only positive and good things come to mind.

In spite of numerous reviews about the company, both positive and negative, in the work of the broker also has qualitative and quantitative transitions. On the one hand it is good in work, on the contrary, it is better in withdrawal than in closing of transactions. I have never tried to verify the position of the broker in the market.

I would like to propose. I have been trading with Teltrade for more than three years now on favorable terms and good service. I am not going to miss an opportunity to earn real money, because I know that everything is fine-tuned in this company. I am not going to miss an opportunity to make real money because I know that everything is fine-tuned in this company. From time to time I trade in Teletrade. As it was, so it remains, there are no changes.

I have not been able to judge others, but I have always made my conclusions calmly. I cannot judge others by myself, but I have always made my conclusions calmly. The orders are normal and the quotes are real, I insist on that. I am sure that the market will be the best one in the world. At the level of standard trades I recommend to have a trading plan strategy and to be realistic about the risk. For more than one year Teletrade has demonstrated high quality of service and service, although the depo is high.

The consultative help is always in touch, and everything within the limits of the transactions is within the regulations. When more than one year is behind me, I understand where to trade and distinguish reality from falsehood. Good services, convenient terminal, this is where I earn real money. But with the withdrawal there are delays, but not payments. I look and read and realize how much of a difference an opinion can make. Withdrawal is bad, do not give and all this in one tape.

I on the synchronous trade worked quite well and on the withdrawal of anyone not stiffed, quite bonanza carried out the transfer, there was a delay, but it was quickly resolved with tech. Ta maybe not all cheated. Once again I see a clear picture of the attack. Too much and everything is one-sided…. If all here to count the type of offended, such a loud case would come out, from the screens of the central TV channels bf did not leave.

And so, gentlemen, as they say — I do not believe it! But at least the support works smoothly, which is what is needed in remote work. I will not say much, because most likely my review will be deleted! After all, I have not once encountered this.

But nevertheless I consider it my duty to warn others! Those who have invested or are going to invest in Teletrade! Teletrade does not put money on the market! This is a kitchen, a scam and a scam! Their synchronous trading project brings no income, only losses!

The consultants here are great. But the manager helped me with advice and a strategy. In addition, I connected part of my deposit to copying. I finally succeeded in trading on my own. And that is understandable, I am a pro. I am a pro, but soon I will be as good as I am. I am surprised by the feedback about the non-withdrawal of money.

There is support, what does it say about it? No one writes for some reason. And they are smart people working there. Moreover, it is available around the clock. You can get information at any time. We got used to, almost anything at once rubbish out of thin air without understanding.

Only the conclusion is not the administration of the forums, first you have to go to the right places and sort it out. Vadim, did you write to support yourself? Were you a client of the company? Of course, from the side of something there to say and advise is always more obvious It does not concern you!

Support does not work around the clock! Operators are absolutely clueless, they check everything, all redirected, etc I was thrown everywhere, and no one talked to me, but there was no normal response! Teletrade does not withdraw money! The only adequate response comes in the LRC, and that is the standard phrases like "there was a mistake when you filled out the application", "try another way to withdraw", "verify your identity in the office", etc.

But even if you performed everything, nothing changes. So I have every right to say that Teletrade are crooks! Teletrade does not withdraw money to the market, as it turned out! This company frankly steals all the money by depositing your money into offshore accounts!

This has been going on for years and everything is covered allegedly by the Forex market! And unfortunately in our country the law is not written on such companies, so they are able to remain unpunished! They are a decent broker, the only drawback is that they are not available to everyone. If you want to work or invest, you have to have some money to start with.

You've already lowered your amounts Business isn't going that well! But of course it's not surprising, because Teletrade does not withdraw money! And those who have been there know well that there is no sense of decency, conscience or reliability! You are scammers who take away clients' money, drain accounts and call it Forex, which they do not have access to at all!

I chose Teletrade because the markets and assets are available here as much as possible. I have been working for more than two decades and the fact that they have also played a role. For this reason it is funny to read criticism, naive, it is obvious that people do not know what they are writing about and do not understand the scale. I have also noticed the simplicity of working with them, that there are no commissions and subscription fees.

Although the conditions of the deals were not suitable for everyone. In those years it was senseless to come up with an account less than 5k. Well, I did not indulge in hobby activities and I went there to earn money. Which I continue to do. Everyone here understands that you seriously intend to make money! It doesn't matter which way you go, all you have to do is write some dictated or invented bullshit about 25 years of work by this office which has been finding people all its 25 years!

Teletrade does not withdraw money and there is no way to hide it! A real client who has been there knows it and nobody believes your bullshit Don't try! It was so interesting and unusual to read the article and see familiar faces! I worked at the company and knew and interacted with everyone except the owners personally. You do not think I will defend them, indeed these people are crooks and suckers! They know very well what they are doing! The Teletrade company does not withdraw money, it's also true!

All this is a fraudulent organization Teletrade and TSBT work together for one purpose - to get all the money invested by the investor! So I support the victims of this scam. If this were true, it would be the mainstream media and news sites trumpeting it, not the forums.

And people would not write scare stories, and the crowds would talk on camera journalists. And so we have, I think, another information attack, not the first, by the way. Interesting way to justify the violations, as they say we have not all been dumped. In this case, they are not the only ones who are willing to withdraw their money from the brokerage company. As long as it concerns only virtual numbers, Teletrade and its Exchange-Trading Center can say whatever they want, but as soon as they face the question of parting with real, not virtual money, there is a whole cart and a half of reasons why not.

That is, customers simply can not use their own money, and it certainly does not paint any office, whether it happens or not That's an amazing selection of trading tools, isn't it? What sense can there be in these trading tools if there is no real trading going on there. Teletrade doesn't take money out to the market, depriving clients of the opportunity to actually increase their money supply.

They play with simulators on their own servers, and clients who want to withdraw money are dumped. And Teletrade does not skimp on fake orders or fictitious quotes. If they have set their sights on somebody's trading account, you can be sure that in two, maximum three days there will be nothing left of it. I became acquainted with Teletrade four years ago when I became interested in trading. There were training courses in the office and I signed up for them.

Before that I watched various video-lessons, and I should say that those videos are nothing compared to the live training in Teletrade. In Teletrade they managed to explain everything very clearly, they found the right words, the right approach to everybody.

I liked the training very much. So I started my trading career with another broker. But I was impressed with Teletrade courses and was very impressed with them. They inspired me and taught me. That knowledge brought me money. Time goes by and nothing changes! A few years ago our family lost a decent amount of money there!

My husband had an account and me, he traded on his own, I invested synchronous trading! My account was drained in a day, and he lost more than half by himself stops were moved, trades were closed not at the specified price, etc. Numerous attempts to withdraw and restore access to the Client Cabinet were unsuccessful! We were just robbed! I was not able to withdraw my money from the market. Teletrade is famous for always withdrawing money and clients have never had any problems with that.

If they traded honestly and did not indulge in arbitrage. And there are many ways to withdraw. There are very profitable. Because even if the company does not take money, the payment system takes its percentage. So, Teletrade has found a couple of them where the commission is less than a percent. The time I spent with Teletrade was definitely not wasted. Of course there were some problems, and not always things worked as we wanted them to, but the blame was definitely laid on everyone involved.

In response to accusations against the company I can say one thing, that every situation is different and you have to start analyzing it from yourself. You have to start looking at everything from yourself. If you look at my situation, of course I can blame myself for being stupid, trusting and inconsiderate!

I did not notice those rare calls on the web about fraud and neglected my intuition, which prompted me not to believe the words of the company employees, to check and then invest! In the case and the fact that Teletrade does not withdraw money, it turns out my fault, too, because I invested them sort of voluntarily, right?

Now think about what you are saying and what nonsense you are talking about. Is it the client's fault that he was robbed and swindled? I do not think so! Smart guy NeoNeo, and tell me, please, what can I be guilty of if it is Teletrade that does not withdraw money to me? I gave them all the scans, all the documents, all the account numbers, everything they asked me the only thing they had to ask for was some certificate from my therapist for complete absurdity , and they still reject my withdrawal requests!

Don't bullshit people about how "wonderful Teletrade is". Teletrade is a scam, and it's clear to everybody! No one will believe your bullshit! About a year and a half ago I worked at Teletrade as an agent and got money for every client I brought there. And also I started getting a lot of calls from clients I had brought to TT with threats and claims, because they had all been bluntly dumped in this office!

I used to have one main complaint against Teletrade: that there were no cent accounts here. I liked the way trades were executed and the way the support team worked, but because fractional trades could not be made, I had accounts with a couple of other companies. Now you can open a cent account with Teletrade as well, which I did.

My expectations were very good, the platform is stable and quotes are not raising any doubts. I have been working with them for many years and they were very satisfied with my experience in trading on the brokerage market. After the course, immediately open a real account! After such courses as in TSB?! Even if it is a mini cent account, what difference does it make if the Teletrade company does not withdraw money to the market, if it is just a kitchen!

Your money will stay there! It's not a questionable fact! In addition, the TSB teaches you that the maximum you can do is to stupidly lose your account on the first couple of trades! I have had their training, there's no effect on anyone, and their sports work senselessly, you just write, call and get no adequate answers to your questions! So it seems to me that either you mixed up the office or you are lying!

I don't agree at all with the fact that it's convenient to trade with Teletrade and that the company has good service! What the hell is service if the terminal is slowing down every minute, if that causes trades to close with a loss? In addition, it is important that Teletrade does not withdraw money. I highly doubt it! Anna Chernobay, having inherited Teletrade, has apparently decided to turn this office into a scam which swindles clients' money! Maybe they dump traders or their technics cannot stand them, but in Teletrade the platform works fine even with them.

In addition, the analytics helps to understand where the rate will move based on the news. In general, I think that everyone who is interested will appreciate nonfarms. I remember that on my first week of trading I earned bucks on them.

I think that success determined that I will continue trading. You should be a writer! And write fiction. I got into this office about three years ago! I am still hoping that I will be able to get my deposit back, which Teletrade does not withdraw! I have been applying to the police several times, but they just raise their hands! Besides, they say quietly that there are a whole stack of people like me! And you're writing here about bidding?! What if this kitchen does not bring money to the market, but just creates the illusion of trade!

I am well aware of how things work there, and who writes all this nonsense and for what purpose! But no, I will not shut up! I will tell you about one good thing about Teletrade, I think many people like me have chosen this company because of it. The company allows insuring trades, locking trades and hedging risks without any restrictions. Teletrade has always been very accommodating to clients and I have a great respect for this company for that. The attitude of the company towards their clients and their money is seen in their attitude towards this kind of thing.

They want to help make money or to dump it. I do not like it when they blame Teletrade for cheating. If you do not know what kind of broker you are dealing with, you cannot ask him for help. I could see at once that the manager from Teletrade wrote , everything as I was told in the office, extolled and noodled! That's just the fact came out differently! My account is emptied! And the rest of Teletrade does not withdraw!

My money has already settled in the offshore accounts of this kitchen! They are there, but not significant. I personally trade and know traders who have never had withdrawal problems neither with me personally nor with my friends. I have always received their withdrawals faster than the schedule requires. The main problem is the size of spread and swap. They should have been lowered a long time ago.

Ivan, if you are so cool, aren't you a robot from synchronous trading? If I had a real client, I could not find any one who had at least withdrawn or saved something! They do not withdraw money and this fact is well known to all those who have invested there for real, not just because they say so Don't talk about it, it makes no sense!

Earlier it was worse, there were no cent accounts, no NND accounts. Now they have caught up with the others on these points. It is easier now. I used to trade on the whole different market, when the minimum deal was a full lot. But the school was stronger then, only those who felt the market in their gut survived. Nowadays analytics, signals, fractional lots, headgames are not that old-school.

And emotions are not as strong. But my profits have increased. But they still teach the newbies. It's a well-known broker, but once you become a client, you understand why and what for. You know why? That's why Teletrade orders so many advertisements and watches its reputation so closely! What you're talking about here, I and my good father went well, but not in a positive way!

He traded a whole lot and lost his entire deposit clean a few years ago, the amount was not small! And I have recently invested and realized that Teletrade does not withdraw money to the market and is a kitchen! I have a good experience in trading I quickly figured out what was going on, but it was still too late! Your review looks very much like what they say in the CBT offices, that's why I would not trust such reviews, because in reality it turns out a completely different picture!

I work with Teletrade because the execution on Gold is high quality. I trade a lot of resources and precious metals. I like gold in particular. I can make good money on it. My only problem is that not all terminals are good when volatility is high, while Gold is almost always volatile. So I had to look for a good broker that does not make the platform glitchy in this instrument. So I settled on Teletrade. The spread is higher here and other glitches are all trifles compared to the fact that I have no fear of glitches and freezes.

Vasiliy, don't be ridiculous! That would be all right, but Teletrade does not withdraw money to the market! The terminal here works so smoothly that if you put a pending order in the morning, you'll wake up without a deposit! And no freezes! Maybe you trade on the demo account but it works fine and on a real account there are always funny things! I invested in this place two years ago. I remember the terminal didn't work all day long and then it just kept on going The candles were drawing right in front of my eyes!

The account was wiped out! So, don't treat anybody here! Teletrade is a kitchen! I traded at Teletrade and was trained too. It was an amazing company with an atmosphere of success, a desire to strive and achieve results. I could feel the leadership qualities of the employees and the support from them.

They certainly impressed me. Ukrim, impressive is not the word! To dump on the tanks in the shortest possible time is really impressive! Like their fraudulent scheme called synchronous trading! In general, they impress in many ways, such as the fact that for 25 years the company Teletrade does not withdraw money from customers, or the fact that they talk about impeccable reputation, and it turns out they have opened criminal proceedings in Russia and Kazakhstan!

I would be silent about the amazingness of the company and the atmosphere because one has to look for such a scam as Teletrade! I spent a year trying to withdraw the rest of what deposit I had left in my account, but Teletrade does not withdraw money!!! What I did, where only I wrote and to whom only I addressed, all this brought no result!

You think if you delete all the negative reviews on the network about your kitchen, your fraud will go unnoticed and unpunished! No, you are very wrong! Recently, victims of scams like me held a press conference, which became public and many have wondered about the truthfulness of your promises! You are crooks! You are thieves! Many traders who have ever worked with this bad broker will tell you that Teletrade does not withdraw money. And this is probably one of the main reasons why everyone refuses to work with Teletrade.

Although, of course, it is also important that Teletrade very often puts sticks in the wheels when trading. I have repeatedly noticed left quotes, candles that should not be there, and many other things. I want to insert my five cents. I want to add my five cents in it.

Whoever traded with Teletrade still remembers it and understand even more how good it was in the financial market. There is a rebellion inside, although there is no fixing the situation. Teletrade does not withdraw money for half a year! I make a new one every 7 days and every time I see the refusal, for a new reason again!

Who can help me deal with these scammers and close the issue once and for all! I cannot say that I am satisfied with everything at Teletrade, but I cooperate with them. I came to this after having tried several companies before. And I drew such conclusions. I have reached this conclusion. Even such a simple thing as technical support is lame in many companies. But they do their job around the clock here. You may write at 3 a. Because some other guys would reply with a message that they would get in touch with you during working hours.

And there were such small details in everything. They do not fall off and there are no doubts about the truthfulness of quotations. I have never had any problems with trading on the platform. I do not like spread and swap. If they are not so lucky, they are on the same level as the market. I have not had any delays or refusals in three and a half years. What nonsense you write!

Stop pouring all this nonsense into the network! What technical support at three in the morning! If they answered at least once every three days it wouldn't be bad or even answer the question why Teletrade does not withdraw money from accounts! In the kitchen, this is a shitty kitchen, a phony, a fraud, a pyramid, call it what you want but the fact of theft is there and I know it well!

For more than a year I can't get back the money I invested in this bubble! More than a year has passed since I made my first withdrawal request and realized that Teletrade does not withdraw money! Since that moment there have been millions of attempts to withdraw my deposit from this scam, and not one of them has been successful! All their activities can be easily called simply illegal, because they are thieves! There is no other way to call it that! And the fact that there are millions of people like me all over the world is also a fact!

Where have you all been before? When I searched the web for information on Teletrade, I only met praiseworthy reviews about how everybody earns cool there and not a word about the fact that Teletrade does not withdraw money and that the company is a scammer and that it is better not to get involved! I invested in the Synchronous Trading Project, connected my robot and was waiting for my fabulous profits as I was promised! But after a few months, I realized that I had got to swindlers, and urgently made a request for withdrawal, which to this day is not confirmed!

Vasily, you must have searched poorly, because people have been writing about Teletrade not withdrawing money for years! Although I do not exclude the possibility that Teletrade paid for the negative information about it to be removed I worked with Teletrade back in , almost the entire account was lost, only bucks remained, I wanted to withdraw it, but no way, no one would let me do it.

I called my manager, constantly called Technical Support, wrote complaints, all to no avail. So Teletrade has long shown itself to be a scam! The fact that Teletrade does not withdraw money is just one of the many irregularities they allow themselves. And all because I applied for withdrawal and these crooks decided to drain the money in order not to release it, thus appropriating it for themselves, because it turned out that Teletrade has no real access to trading floors and all trading turns into a fiction on their own servers.

Good afternoon. My name is Alexander Borodin. I read your review and I can say that I also fell into this trap. I had a bitter trading experience like you. But I got the money back that I invested. If this question is relevant to you, send me an e-mail to [email protected] , I will tell you who you can turn to on this issue. They were able to help me, I hope they can help you with your problem. Internet extortionists are trying to blackmail our company with the help of various tools, in particular reviews.

If your situation is real and not invented by ill-wishers, send your account or personal account number to [email protected] We are ready to work on each appeal. I absolutely agree that Teletrade is a scam! This company cannot be called a stockbroker, because Teletrade does not withdraw money to the market, all deals are opened only on the servers of this shag, and at the right moment the client is dumped in a couple of seconds. I have not yet met any former client of Teletrade, who has managed to earn from TT or at least take back the money initially invested!

If you once put some amount of money into an account opened with Teletrade, you will never see your money again! Believe me to someone who has not been able to get justice for almost 2 years. At first I got 12 grand in the Synchronous Trading project, and the remaining 4k were stupidly blocked. All they were doing in Teletrade to prevent the withdrawal of funds, they banned my personal account, did not react to my withdrawal requests and requested documents of all kinds , times, but it was useless!

They never gave me the money! I myself was convinced of that and went through everything myself, starting from a trick about investing in trading robots, ending with millions of requests for withdrawal, which were never approved!

Of course now I am in complete despair, because more and more I find the same situations, reviews and stories from TT clients! Even found information about who is behind it and who is covering it! But unfortunately I do not know how to influence these people, to bring to justice Anna Chernobay and Oleg Suvorov who are just stealing and cheating!

If someone is counting on a guaranteed sum or interest, he should not come here, but to a bank with its interest. But I myself have seen that it is possible to make money, if one acts according to the nature of the financial market. The main thing to understand from the very beginning is that everything is constantly changing.

It means that one should not risk a large amount of the deposit and must be ready to modify the deal or cancel it. And one has to insure the risks, too. By the way, there are brokers where it is not so easy to insure the deals, but in Teletrade it is not only possible, but if you address your broker, they can show you how to do it. In order to make a profit on every deal, it is impossible, and it is not the fault of a broker, but of the nature of Forex. It is a quarter of a century.

The Teletrade company does not withdraw money from clients, it just bans all withdrawal requests! So what kind of reliability or honesty can we talk about in relation to this company? I still have not been able to withdraw my bucks from TT. I realized long ago that such freaks from Teletrade as Sergey Saroyan, Oleg Suvorov and similar swindlers live at the expense of suckers who believe in promises of huge earnings and carry their money almost in their hands.

So be careful! Hopefully, soon this shack will be closed! I may be a lady, but they taught me how to trade here. They were very understanding and patient. Thank you! With them, the payoff was always felt. I worked hard and got a lot out of it. And why was it? I warn everybody! Teletrade does not withdraw money!!! I had it all to myself! I spent half a year trying to withdraw at least half of what was left in the account!

To save something! But no! Not only the Teletrade company is running a fraudulent scheme to drain your accounts, but they also do not allow you to withdraw the balance you saved! I tried everything! Every 7 days I made a new one, tied up all the documents and even entered the funds again… all a stupid scam!

I did not withdraw anything! And after all the account was blocked, they say fraud! Which of us is a scammer?! On Teletrade analytics, there was Mega. The section included everything that was necessary for speed and reliability of information. I took advantage of the unique opportunity to trade with Teletrade while they had permission on our territory.

In conclusion the broker turned out to be standard and the withdrawal did not sting. The broker combines a lot of advantages, such as comfort, simplicity and convenience. No barriers to a good start. I traded with Teletrade in the era of progress, everything was literally flying, and the profits just went through the roof. I came to Teletrade because I had heard more than once about their praised courses. They teach me all right, there is enough information, even a lot of it, if you ask me.

Of course they guide me to the start, but it is better to get acquainted with the demo account, everything there is close to the real one, it is easier to understand yourself there. I was just about to open an account when everything changed. I do not know what was the reason for such a global change, but I wanted to trade here very much. I do not know exactly what the reason is for such a global change. Within the output all is excellent.

I have never had so many requests, all within the deadline. I have always praised Teletrade for such work. The terminal is top notch, works clearly and everything opens quickly. I take positions quickly, so once again I support the broker for its work.

The terminal is first-class, the cabinet works clearly, and what really got me was very fast execution. There is nothing more to explain here. I started to get acquainted with the forex market by chance. I was very much inspired by the courses and seminars and in the rest I had to gain some experience and large depo, but after a year I came back to this broker and I traded till the end, as long as I had a possibility.

I tried it more than once in business, but I am sure of it and I can not read anything else about it, it is a closed topic for me. I have seen them working and I am very pleased with them. Investing is also a job that needs time and effort. If people understood that, there would be no disappointments and losses. If I see that he makes a lot of mistakes, I change him. In general I divide funds into several accounts and choose copying from several traders, thus reducing the risk.

I choose them very carefully, so that the trader has good experience and statistics. I started trading with the Teletrade Group in Russia, they had a license from the Central Bank at the time. I started calmly, because there were guarantees. And I will say that experience has shown that they fully deserved their license.

I was satisfied with the service, reliability and, most importantly, the return on investment. The more we noticed, the better the situation was. My broker was not afraid of bankruptcy but I switched to Teletrade with ease.

The quality and reliability there are all the same, and the conditions are even more profitable. I saw how Teletrade was gaining scale and developing over the last 4 years, trading with them was very cool and prestigious. I saw that during the last 4 years Teletrade was gaining momentum and developing, and it was very cool and prestigious to trade with them.

In my opinion, it is obvious that the broker was not worse than others and this circle around the company was created artificially. This is the first time I have encountered uninterrupted trading. The type of trading is that there are no problems. I chose the broker as a temporary option and now I am staying here for the time being.

I trained with this broker and was very, very satisfied. I spent a lot of time searching for trading material, and all the information was put to the best of my ability in the courses at Teletrade. I am very confident in my professionalism and high level of my masters that I am confident in their professionalism. I have to hand it to Teletrade for its service, customer service and guidance on personal support, his skills are good, I slightly do not agree on the depo, but I am not alone.

I do not know what to say, to each his own. My gratitude to the company for teaching and continuing to teach people to earn on Forex and other financial markets. I became a trader myself thanks to the courses in this company. I liked that the material is presented in an easy and understandable way. The program did not cover a lot of water. Most of the time — practice. We conducted both technical and strategic analysis.

We tried different strategies. I also liked the fact that they teach not only future traders, but also investors. So here the investor not only invests his money, but also understands how everything works. And that helps to make the right investment strategy. I went back and was convinced again that Teletrade as a broker is good, just when I had a good trading strategy many problems fell away and the level of positive trades increased. Conclusion, I was not experienced enough.

I started working with Teletrade six years ago. I realized that I needed to invest in international structures with income tied up in foreign currencies. I did not have to think too much, I joined the copying of trades. The system works, the main thing is to choose a smart trader. By the way, it is not difficult. Their trading results are open, so you should discard the riskiest and the slowest and choose the golden mean. I did it that way. And then again there was a crisis in March of the 20th.

Maybe many people are surprised, but Teletrade is a profitable broker. Fantastic order execution, fresh ops on the basis of the prislava MT work wonders. Calling people is not my profile, just want to share my positive emotions. It is possible to work here and I even recommend it, despite the fact that the spread is above average, and in general the conditions are not for small deposits.

But transactions can be opened and closed calmly, without fear of requotes. Slippage is present, but not fantastic and relevant, in a quiet market almost zero. I have no worries about the withdrawal from Teletrade. In the 6 years that I have been trading here, they have never made me worry about my money. One of the few companies that does not give ultimatums to their clients. The time comes and the offices start to redirect the client to additional infusions of funds, and here I have not encountered such pitfalls.

We are good partners with this company. Even then they were one of the best. Anyone who is interested in forex can sign up for free training. And then you can open an account with any amount of money and invest it. Now all this can be done from home. You can study, trade and work. The speed and reliability have only increased, and the accessibility has also increased. It is good to work with them, convenient and profitable. I have been working with this broker for over 5 years.

I cooperate successfully. I have seen many traders who lost everything through their own fault. And very few of them acknowledged their responsibility for the failure. They blame everyone else, but not themselves. Yes, there are cheaters. Teletrade in this respect is on the opposite side from such deceivers, on the contrary, an example of what a real broker should be.

They have been writing for 20 years that Teletrade is a scam. Here in a nutshell the whole principle of this kitchen. They do not have any trading robots and they do not have any trading robots. They have better order execution, and Teletrade has TP sliding over the schedule just like everyone else.

The broker actually stands apart. But as for any quality, one has to pay in Forex. The free educational Teletrade forex courses were my first step in learning trading. Then I studied it from different sources and attended seminars and trainings in the same company. Actually this permanent education allowed me to understand that my decision to do such thing as trading was not in vain.

My trader and my manager were very grateful to me when I opened my account. I could always contact them and get answers to my questions. A scam as it is, I was tricked and robbed by two very polite girls with black souls! Nastya and Maria. Beware people of this broker, puts the task to drain you! I would like to recommend you site ldprof. The conditions here are not the best, at first glance. The spread and swap are really steep. However, the broker is not aimed at traders with small deposits.

However, the broker does not target traders with small deposits. The servers here can handle any kind of load. What can I say, I will remember this broker for a long time. There are a lot of complaints about it now, but the technical support has been a real help to me for two years.

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